Meat & Protein 5Reko Automation offers unique and innovative automation solutions for a wide variety of industries, from automotive and aerospace manufacturing to agricultural production and food packaging. Our highly skilled engineers are dedicated to the design, application, and system integration of automated systems to help our customers increase productivity and efficiency while reducing operating costs. We are pleased to provide automated food packaging equipment that can be tailored to meet the needs of individual food production facilities. Below is an overview of the uses and benefits of Reko’s integrated automation designs in the food packaging industry.

Inspection Conveyors

Inspection is a key aspect of any food-related manufacturing application. All food packaging equipment must meet stringent industry standards and governmental regulations to ensure the quality and safety of the products and packaging for consumers. With this in mind, Reko is pleased to offer inspection conveyor solutions that enhance visual inspection capabilities in automated food packaging systems, especially in particularly fast and complex applications. Our committed specialists will help you to fully integrate top-of-the-line inspection conveyors for reliable and repeatable inspection processes, so you can be sure that your products exceed even the most rigorous industry standards.

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Material Handling Systems

At Reko, we understand that each food packaging process is different. Our modular and customizable material handling systems are capable of conveying food products through a variety of factory packaging processes. We engineer our systems to integrate into a wide range of  requirements for seamless operation and easy installation. Depending on the application, hygienic designs and wash-down equipment are available to meet stringent food packaging guidelines.

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Robotic Automation

Reko is pleased to offer specially engineered and manufactured robotic automated systems for a variety of food processing and packaging applications. Our USDA-compliant robotic solutions use cutting-edge technology to facilitate complex packaging operations, from initial design to equipment assembly, systems integration, and software support. All our robotic automation solutions are specially customized to meet the needs of your specific packaging application.

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Packaging Line Integration

To reduce overall operating costs, Reko can integrate new automated packaging systems into your existing packaging lines and systems, thereby enhancing your production and throughput while simplifying the overall process. Our dedicated engineers will thoroughly analyze your production systems in order to ensure seamless process integration of our food packaging line automation.

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Packaging Cell from Reko Automation

Reko Automation has developed a modular packaging cell that can be implemented across a variety of industries. This packing cell features stainless steel construction and wash down features for safe, easy cleaning. In addition, it is FDA compliant and offers the following operations:

  • Robotic Pick & Place
  • Pattern Making
  • Sorting & Grading
  • Quality Control

This high-speed system results in faster throughput, a reduction in costs, and rapid ROI. The small footprint makes it easy to implement in a wide range of food production and packaging facilities. Explore the following specs for more information about this food-grade automation cell:

Dimensions (mm)



End of Arm Tooling (EOAT)

Washdown Capabilities

Control System

Pneumatic System

Vision Cameras

Tracking Encoders

Picks per minute

Infeed Conveyor

Infeed Conveyor Power Pack

Outfeed Conveyor

Outfeed Conveyor Power Pack

Conveyor Height

Part Weight & Envelope

3668 L x 1989 W x 3000 H

5000 Kg

ABB IRB360 or Fanuc M2iA/M3iA 1 to 8kg payload (* some models are IP69K)

Custom Gripper(s) and Suction cup(s). Optional pneumatic actuators. Can be manufactured utilizing 3D printing.

Stainless steel 304/316 enclosure and glass windows and drain system

Allen Bradley Guard Logix

Application Specific

ABB PM3 or Fanuc IR Pick Vision

ABB or Fanuc compatible encoders

Up to 160 picks per minute with multi pick tool. (up to 120 picks per minute with single pick tool)

Dorner AquaGard 7350 V2, 305 Wide x 3455, 20-194 ft/min. FDA Compliant

1.5Hp, 460 3Ph, 60Hz.

Stainless steel REKO frame w Intralox belt, 590 W x 3115, 900 Series, blue, with configurable flights, 22-85 ft/min.

Boston Gear Stainless Steel Gearbox SSHF715-30KC-B5-HS1-P16-FUTSS-0 with 0.5Hp motor

972 mm +/- 102 mm Manual Adjustment

Maximum 8Kg, 300 W x 300 L x 300 H (mm)

Food Packaging Automation Considerations

Automated food packaging machines span a broad range of equipment with unique and specialized uses. When choosing the best automated system for your needs, consider the equipment materials, sanitation requirements, type of packaging, and operational safety.

Equipment Materials and Sanitation

Depending on the application, most food production equipment must meet sanitation requirements. Stainless steel is often used for food handling equipment, because it’s easily modified, strong, and sanitary. A natural protective coating prevents rust and corrosion, which allows technicians to clean the material frequently without damaging it.

Packaging Type

Automated equipment for food packaging must take into account the type of packaging. Reko is pleased to offer highly specialized packaging equipment for pouches, satchels, cartons, plastic and cardboard containers. Our design specialists work with you to find the ideal automation solution for your unique packaging design.


Automated food packaging equipment offers the added benefit of enhanced safety for line workers. With automation, fewer workers are required to be on the line for manufacturing and inspection purposes, thereby reducing the risk of worker injury and exposure to contaminants. Automated systems are designed with a variety of fail-safes and security features to further enhance production safety in packaging facilities.

Automated Food Packaging Solutions From Reko

Whether you need primary, secondary, or tertiary packaging for your food products, Reko can provide the automation to streamline operations. With a broad range of experience in a variety of industries and applications, our specialists can design fully integrated automation systems to enhance productivity, boost overall operational efficiency, and provide a safer working environment.

Our newly constructed state-of-the-art facility boasts 40,000 sq. ft. of space and includes full-service design and production services at the top of the automation industry. We are dedicated to engineering and manufacturing the highest-quality equipment, as is exhibited by our numerous certifications and awards:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification
  • ISO 13485:2016 Medical Devices Certification
  • WBE Canada Women’s Business Enterprise
  • 2016 Kautex Supplier of the Year Award

To learn more about Reko’s custom-designed automated food packaging solutions, contact us today.

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