Conveyor Sorting Systems

Conveyor sorting systems—also sometimes referred to as sortation systems—are material handling technologies designed to increase the efficiency and accuracy of manufacturing and shipping operations. Industry professionals use them to separate products from in-feed conveyor lines and direct them to shipping, palletizing, packaging, and other processing stations. They are suitable for use with a wide range of items, varying in both size and weight.

As an automation systems integrator, Reko Automation specializes in providing factory automation solutions, including conveyor sorting systems. Our team has the knowledge and experience to optimize and implement solutions to fully meet each customer’s unique needs. This supports the client with the latest technology, flexible features, reduced mundane labor tasks, and improved efficiency. Regardless of the complexity of the manufacturing challenge, we can design, build, test, and install an effective and efficient automation solution.

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Types of Conveyor Sorting Systems

There are many types of conveyor sorting systems available, and some work in conjunction with to form part of an overall Smart Conveyor Solution:

  • Sortation conveyors separate items within a single stream into different destination lanes based on specific parameters to improve distribution and productivity. They accommodate a wide range of product weights and sizes.
  • Merge conveyors arrange products from multiple streams into a single lane to simplify product processing downstream.
  • Gapping belt conveyors shorten or widen gaps between products on a conveyor line to facilitate sorting and scanning operations.
  • Accumulation conveyors distribute and accumulate products into organized queues for sorting, palletizing, wrapping, strapping, and other shipping process operations.

These types of systems are often integrated with delivery and assembly conveyors. They deliver key components to other subsequent automated devices to enable further value-added processes.

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Benefits of Conveyor Sorting Systems

Compared to manual or conventional sorting methods, sorting conveyor systems offer numerous advantages to industrial shipping facilities, including:

  • Broader scalability. Conveyor systems can accommodate both low and high volume order sizes.
  • Greater shipping accuracy. The use of smart conveyor systems reduces the risk of products being directed to the wrong shipping lane and, consequently, sent to the wrong customer.
  • Higher productivity. Using conveyor sorting systems decreases the amount of time employees spend in processing products and increases the amount of products that can be processed within a single shift.
  • Lower production costs. The higher productivity achieved by using conveyors for sorting operations translates to lower production costs since facilities can spend less on manual labor to process greater amounts of products in a shorter period.
  • Better customer satisfaction. Since products are processed faster, the time between receipt of the order and delivery of the product is much shorter, resulting in better overall customer satisfaction with the facility’s service.

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What Are Smart Conveyors?

Recent advancements in material handling technologies have led to the introduction and adoption of smart conveyors. These systems employ the use of stock-keeping unit (SKU) numbers and other unique identifiers to automate the sorting, reordering, converging, and diverging of products on processing lines. By minimizing or eliminating the need for manual operator involvement, they enable facilities to identify, sort, and/or mark products with faster processing speeds and greater processing accuracy.

Construction and Specifications of Sortation Conveyors

Sortation conveyors can be specified for use within a wide range of applications to suit the various production locations and environments. The Reko engineering team will follow either a SOW and/or a field onsite engineering evaluation. This will help in the selection process and in determining the design, construction materials, load capacity, speeds, range of production requirements, and ease of adjusting. We will discuss the plant’s operational goals for maintenance, cleaning, access, sanitation and support.

Conveyor System Integration Solutions From Reko Automation

By employing conveyor sorting systems, owners and managers of industrial shipping facilities can improve the efficiency and accuracy of their operations. Additionally, they can lower their production costs and raise the satisfaction levels of their customers. However, integrating conveyor sorting systems with existing technology necessitates choosing the right type of system and features to match with the application and facility. For customers in the automotive, food, bakery, and health sciences industries requiring assistance selecting and integrating the right conveyor solution for their needs, Reko Automation is the ideal partner. We can often cross-pollinate technologies or proven ideas from other industries to the benefit of the clients.

At Reko Automation, our team has provided cost-effective solutions to factory automation challenges for over three decades. We specialize in fully integrated automation systems for industries that utilize the following automation systems:

  • Baking
  • Sterilizing
  • Welding
  • Cooling
  • Decorating
  • Assembly
  • Filling
  • Accumulating
  • Leak testing
  • Depanning
  • Tray load and unload
  • Palletizing
  • Material handling
  • Vision inspection
  • Kit making
  • Plastic or fabric welding
  • Gluing
  • Mobile autonomous robotics

Additionally, the Reko Automation team are authorized partners for integrating Fanuc, ABB and AutoGuide Robotics and have the necessary knowledge and skills to integrate other robotic platforms including MIR, UR, Motorman, Kuka, Yaskawa Motorman.

To learn more about our conveyor sorting systems or other automation capabilities and how they can benefit your facility, contact us today.

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