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Robotic Integration Services

At Reko Automation, we provide cost-effective solutions for factory automation challenges. Our team is fully committed to designing, building, testing, and installing equipment and systems that help our customers achieve better quality, productivity, and safety. One of our core services is integrating robotic technology from a range of manufacturers, and we are an authorized integrator for Fanuc, ABB Robotics, and Autoguide. We offer robotic system integration capabilities for high-speed guarded, collaborative, and vision inspection/guiding robotic systems.

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Guarded robotic cells are best suited to high volume flexible automation. Operator interactions will be through a safety device such as a large curtain.


  • High volume complex production capable
  • Multiple part type and quick tool change flexibility


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Collaborative robotic cells are best suited to highly operator interactive and difficult to guard robotic processes.


  • No guarding required for low volume production
  • Area scanner will enable medium volume production
  • Multiple part type and high flexibility

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Vision guided and inspection robots utilize vision technologies to identify parts and assemblies that guide a robot to a location to perform an operation. Operations can include pick up 3D location, part colour, part feature, part quality and on the fly locating.


  • Highly variable part types, part sorting and quality capability
  • Relatively easy configuration operations

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What Are Robotic Systems Integrators?

A robot system integrator provides complete automation solutions for industrial applications. They help companies determine which robotic technologies best suit their facility needs and how to incorporate them into their factories.

Robotic system integration solutions generally follow a three-phase timeline:

  1. Evaluation. The evaluation stage involves identifying the requirements and restrictions of the application.
  2. Development. The development stage entails creating an automation plan, which necessitates identifying the type of robotic technology needed for the application and creating a feasibility study to ensure the final solution is practical.
  3. Implementation. The implementation stage encompasses all of the processes involved with putting the plan into action, such as designing, programming, building and incorporating the robotic technology to achieve the automated operation and objectives.

In addition to helping you identify the right robotic technology for your needs and ensure your system is efficiently incorporated into your facility, an experienced and knowledgeable systems integrator can provide you with optimization and operational tips that save time and money.

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Applications of Integrated Robotic Systems

Robotic systems find employment in a wide range of industrial applications, including:

  • Assembly. Robots offer greater precision, accuracy, and speed than human workers. Using them in assembly helps raise production capacity while lowering production costs and errors.
  • Material handling. Robotic material handling systems are used to automate loading and unloading operations, resulting in greater processing speeds, better production consistency, and higher productivity.
  • Picking and packing. Robots are utilized to sort and transfer incoming parts and products during primary and secondary packaging operations.
  • Palletizing. High-speed robotic systems are used during palletizing operations to organize packaged products on pallets.
  • Vision inspection. Advanced vision inspection systems rely on robotic technology to automate the positioning of parts.
  • Welding. Welding equipment integrated with robotic technology offers better welding accuracy, speed, and safety than traditional welding methods.
  • Part transfer. Robotic part transfer systems help industry professionals maximize the productivity of their facilities by increasing throughput and extending operating capacity.

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Reko Automation is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485 certified company specializing in factory automation solutions. We are an authorized integrator of ABB Robotics, Autoguide, and Fanuc robotic technology, and we also offer integration capabilities for Universal Robots, Motoman, Kuka, and other robots and robotic systems. To learn more about our capabilities and how we can provide solutions to your manufacturing challenges, contact us today.