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Reko Automation is a leading provider of automation equipment for medical device assembly, medical packaging, and pharmaceutical production. Our 40,000 square foot facility is ISO 13485 certified to ensure quality medical devices. We use state-of-the-art technology and in-depth industry knowledge to produce cutting-edge automation and robotics tailored to meet the specifically regulated needs of medical and pharmaceutical production.

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As medical technology continues to advance, automation has become increasingly critical for medical device manufacturing and medical packaging applications. Automated medical kit production and healthcare packaging must be flexible and versatile to comply with evolving industry standards and regulations. Automation for medical kits and packaging allow companies to safely increase production while reducing labor and operational costs. Reko Automation uses the latest technology to create state-of-the-art automation systems to meet the needs of a variety of medical assembly and packaging applications.

The key strengths of Reko’s medical automation include:

  • Turn key Solutions
  • GAMP Compliant Automation
  • ‘Digital Twin’ design validation
  • Leading edge Vision Technology
  • End to end Traceability
  • Sanitation systems

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Pharmaceutical Automation

Automation is critical to ensuring high quality production and adherence to regulatory standards in the ever-changing pharmaceutical industry. With more and more generics entering the market, pharmaceutical manufacturers must maximize production ahead of patent expirations to stay relevant in a highly competitive market. Reko’s automation systems are easily customized to meet the packaging and production needs for pharmaceutical manufacturing to help our customers remain competitive.

Key strengths of Reko’s pharmaceutical automation include:

  • GAMP-Compliant Automation
  • Cleanliness Solutions
  • High Speed vision inspection
  • End to end Traceability
  • Filling and Labeling Solutions
  • Uplink to Your MES

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Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions

Reko Automation is pleased to offer an extensive array of medical and pharmaceutical packaging options to meet the varied needs and stringent regulations inherent in the healthcare industry.

  • Pick and Pack: Our Pick and Pack process is perfect for both primary and secondary packaging. The systems include integrated flexible high-speed robots, vision systems, and conveyance to help you sort, transfer, and orient products into organized, regulation compliant packaging.
  • Palletizing: We offer flexible robotic palletizing services to organize finished packaged products onto completed dunnage. Our systems can move high product volumes using custom tooling with quick tool-change capabilities.
  • Wrapper Systems: Our automated systems are easily integrated into all wrapper system designs.
  • Conveyance Sorting: We offer high-speed, smart conveyor systems that are capable of marking, sorting, reordering, converging, and diverging products in motion through the use of barcode scanners and cutting-edge vision technology.
  • Vision Inspect Quality Control: Our quality control systems are engineered with state-of-the-art vision solutions that can be used to inspect and sort any part at high speed based on programmed features.

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Benefits of Automation in the Medical Industry

Consistent Quality

Automation enhances the quality and consistency of products and packaging by creating repeatable processes with a high degree of accuracy. By removing the need for manual processing, the potential for human error is significantly reduced or eliminated.

Regulatory Compliance

Automated systems provide improved accuracy, calibration, traceability and testing of products during the manufacturing process. Automation makes it easier to consistently adhere to regulatory standards and reduces the potential for non-compliance.

Improved Tracking

Automation solutions allows pharmaceutical and medical products to be easily serialized and tracked. In addition, automated production systems can track manufacturing in real time, catching potentially costly errors before they grow into larger issues.

Cost Savings

The use of automation in medical and pharmaceutical production reduces labor costs, but it also saves manufacturing companies from the high cost of errors, waste, and regulatory non-compliance. Improved operational efficiency also allows for faster production with lower overhead, for increased potential profits.

Infographic describing the benefits of automation in the medical industry

Automation Advancements for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceuticals in multipack pill packagingMedical product packaging is changing with the expanding market for small-batch, in sequence and single-dose packages. The use of automation allows for economical processing of high mixture production runs with significantly reduced potential for human error and regulatory non-compliance. Products can be tracked, measured, and tested for quality in a steady and reliable process that requires minimal manual intervention, making it much easier for pharmaceutical and medical product producers to create compliant products with optimal speed and efficiency.

In addition, the use of single-dose pharmaceutical packaging is on the rise, and automated equipment is ideal for quick and accurate packaging processes. Medical care providers have found that single-use packages are more convenient for patients, which makes them more likely to take their medications as directed, and with fewer errors. Individual packages can also be serial tracked for clinical trials, thereby reducing the potential for product wastage or clinical error. With the uptick in single-use packaging, automation is a must-have for pharmaceutical producers.

Quality Medical and Pharmaceutical Automation Services From Reko Automation

At Reko Automation, we are dedicated to providing cost-effective automation services to meet the unique challenges of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. As a technology company, we are committed to finding the most innovative and effective solutions to help our customers produce the highest quality products.

To learn more about ways that our automation equipment can improve your production process, contact our experts today.

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