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Welcome to Reko Automation

Your Automation Experts

At Reko Automation, our team is driven to maximize your Return on Investment through the design, build and launch of innovative factory automation solutions. That ROI comes from the the gains you will see in the throughput, safety, and quality measurables you have.

Innovation and Execution

We are problem solvers. Not only do we bring the latest technologies to our automation solutions, we ensure there is always focus on the unique challenges of every project and every customer.

Quality Driven

We are dedicated to meeting AND exceeding customer expectations. We consistently deliver a product of the highest quality which enables our customers to focus on the never-ending need for continuous improvement.

100% On Time Delivery

We are very proud of our commitment to meeting the milestones of every project and our track record for being on time every time. From design and build through to run off and installation at our customer.


The key to any successful project is the constant need for communication between our team and our customers. We are partners along the journey toward finding the right solution for each challenge.