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With the most advanced technologies, Reko Automation’s aerospace solutions take manufacturers to new heights.  Our capabilities include: robotic material removal and finishing cells, robotic machine tending, assembly and fixturing.

Robotic Material Removal & Finishing Cells

Reko integrates robots programmed to perform mundane tasks incredibly accurately, reducing cycle times and eliminating imperfections and operator errors. Our cells can handle complex components and work with various materials.
Sanding cells smooth surfaces, remove imperfections and prepare parts for further processing or finishing.
Grinding cells remove excess material to achieve precise dimensions.
Deburring cells remove unwanted rough, sharp or uneven edges from molded or machined parts.
Polishing cells improve the appearance, smoothness and reflectivity of surfaces to give products a refined look.
Robotic Material Removal & Finishing Cells
Machine Tending

Robotic Machine Tending

Reko collaborates with customers to integrate turnkey machine tending systems. Our robotics solutions excel at various tasks, including loading and offloading parts from CNC machines, laser marking, parts washing, straightening, quality validation, and using automated guided vehicles. The benefits of these systems include:
  • Reducing labor costs and freeing up CapEx funds for future expansion.
  • Enabling facilities to operate around the clock improves cycle times, enhancing overall efficiency and minimizing errors such as misloaded parts or incorrect program runs.
  • Ensuring consistent quality through robots that precisely execute programmed sequences.
  • Enhancing worker safety by handling repetitive, non-ergonomic, and potentially hazardous tasks.


Reko modernizes facilities through a thorough assessment of customer manufacturing procedures and requirements. We collaborate closely to address present and future needs, developing semi- and fully automated smart assembly lines. The benefits of these solutions include:
  • Streamlining material handling tasks such as picking, placing, packaging, and transporting items, resulting in increased productivity.
  • Fastening and riveting solutions speed up assembly processes and enhance quality. Robotic programs ensure consistent torque application for correctly tightened fasteners.
  • Implementing processes in assembly lines to improve productivity, efficiency, quality control, and workplace safety, whether in manufacturing components or finished products.
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Fixtures ensure accuracy, repeatability, and consistency in automated production systems. With over 30 years of experience, Reko specializes in building specialized fixtures across industries. Here’s a glimpse of our expertise:
  • Machining fixtures: These fixtures securely hold workpieces in place during milling, drilling, and other machining operations, ensuring stability and precision.
  • Assembly fixtures: Designed to provide precise alignment, accurate fit, and proper assembly, ensuring product integrity.
  • Inspection fixtures: These fixtures utilize built-in tolerances from GD&T plans and AI vision systems to confirm part quality through meticulous inspection.
  • Testing fixtures: Simulating real-world conditions and environments, these fixtures assess the performance, durability, and functionality of parts, ensuring product reliability.
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