Consumer Packaged Goods


As a leader in assembly automation, Reko has designed and built hundreds of successful assembly projects ranging in size from complete lines to lean cells.

Many assembly systems are combined with test systems, vision inspection and product validation.

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Reko vision solutions will help you identify, early detect and reduce overall scrap from your process.

Camera’s for the vision systems can be fixed mounted or flexible on a slide or robot.


  • Highly variable part types, part sorting and quality capability
  • Relatively easily reconfigurable operations

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For your primary or secondary packaging areas, Reko will provide and integrate, flexible high speed robots, vision and conveyor solutions to sort and transfer random oriented incoming products into sorted, oriented products.

Reko will provide flexible high speed robotic palletizing solutions to take your finish packaged product and organize into a completed pallet.


  • High volume production capable
  • Multiple part type and quick tool change flexibility

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