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Using innovative software and robotic equipment solutions, Reko Automation is revolutionizing manufacturing and processing by leveraging virtual and augmented reality to educate workforces and digital technologies (including artificial intelligence) to create agile, efficient and responsive smart factories.
Ultimately, we provide predictive, corrective and adaptive benefits for any production line playing catch-up to competitors or looking to set the pace.
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At Reko, we specialize in the integration of a wide range of robotics solutions. We are a turnkey provider, offering the full range of services in design, build, test, and install, as well as comprehensive after-sales support. Reko is an authorized partner of Fanuc Robotics and has expertise and capability with ABB, Kuka, Comau, Yasakawa, Kawasaki, and many others.
We approach each project in multiple phases, including evaluating requirements and restrictions, performing feasibility studies, and can conduct business case justification.
Industrial Robotics

Ideal for high-volume flexible automation with quick tool changes and operator safety ensured by large curtains.

Collaborative (Co-Bot)
Suitable for processes with various part types, enabling quick tool changes and interactive operator involvement. Requires minimal guarding for low-volume production and utilizes area scanners for medium-volume production.
Complimentary Technologies
Reko specializes in dressing out robotics with simple to complex end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) for applications such as welding, de-gating, punching, fastening, dispensing, tending etc.
We have extensive experience with vision systems to identify parts and guide robotics to perform operations such as pick-up, 3D location, color recognition, feature identification, quality assessment, and real-time locating.
Robotics What We Do
Assembly What We Do


Using software, data and robotics hardware to automate assembly tasks such as bonding, fastening, and welding reduces time, errors and manual labor costs while increasing safety and efficiency.
Three of the most common automation categories are fixed, programmable and flexible. Each category provides varying degrees of control and flexibility.

Conveyor Sorting

Smart conveyor sorting systems use SKUs and other unique identifiers to automate product sorting, reordering, converging and diverging on processing lines. They minimize the need for operators and increase the efficiency of manufacturing and shipping operations. They separate a wide range of products from in-feed conveyor lines and direct them to shipping, palletizing, packaging and other stations.
These systems scale for order sizes, reduce directional errors, increase shift productivity, lower employee costs and increase delivery speed.

Sortation Conveyors
Separate a range of product weights and sizes into different destination lanes.
Merge Conveyors
Arrange products from multiple streams into a single lane to simplify product processing.
Gapping Belt Conveyors
Shorten or widen gaps between products on a line for sorting and scanning operations.
Accumulation Conveyors
Distribute products into organized queues for sorting, palletizing, wrapping, strapping, etc.
These systems can also be integrated with delivery and assembly conveyors to further value-added processes.
Conveyor Sorting What We Do
Vision What We Do


Integrated cameras, sensors and image processors identify, inspect, guide and measure products. This keeps defects to an absolute minimum, verifies assemblies and guarantees tolerances. The systems will also pick, place and track products, alert operators to safety issues and even pinpoint areas to improve efficiencies.
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