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Reko Automation has been working with automotive manufacturers for decades, building hundreds of assembly projects, from complete lines to lean cells. Today, our automated solutions drive productivity and growth for OEMs and VARs in the internal combustion and EV sectors.

Fuel Tank Finishing Cells

Reko’s cells ensure fuel tanks are properly inspected and meet regulatory requirements, welds are hermetically sealed, and every hole is punched or bored to specific GD&T requirements. Our robotic processes include (but are not limited to):

  • Hot plate welding affixing stone shields, handles, ICVs, vapor pressure sensors, filter brackets, clips, pad towers spacers, etc., to fuel tanks.
  • Assembly cells that streamline the entire process can run multiple fuel tanks, and we are capable of retrofitting machines to run new tank variants.
  • Quality inspection via ICV flap checking or vision cameras that check for assembled components.
  • Spin welding to attach heat shield studs to fuel tanks.
  • Boring based on GD&T specifications for cutouts, FSU holes, etc.
  • Hole punching for high-volume operations that demand precise placements.
  • Labeling with either a sticker or a bar code.
Fuel Tank Finishing Cells

Interior / Exterior Part Assembly

Reko’s robotic assembly solutions work on precise programming to meet OEM specifications and quality standards for all parts, including:
  • Clip insertion by robots is precise and consistent, which improves quality and increases productivity.  Bolt insertion is programmable and fast with consistent torque to raise efficiency and decrease cycle durations.
  • Pedal assembly with semi-automated lines can be adapted for various pedal components, ensuring accurate placement and secure attachments.
  • Sonic horn welding uses ultrasonic vibrations to create strong, precise welds. The sonic horn generates friction and heat to bond brackets to the front and rear fascia of vehicles.
  • Leak testing uses robotic sensors that detect the volume of liquid sealed within various parts.
  • Carpet clips pull testing assess the strength and durability of clips and fasteners by applying force to simulate stress in real-world conditions.

EV Finishing Cells

Reko is at the forefront of EV production processes. We have developed manufacturing technologies and robotic assemblies to match the science behind the growth in EV sales. Our EV capabilities include:
  • End-of-arm tooling (EOAT) involves specially designing attachments and mounting them on robotic arms to perform tasks like gripping, lifting, placing EV batteries, and guarding onto skid plates.
  • Hot plate bonding to join aluminum and plastic materials to skid plates by heating the hot plate and pressing it against it. This melts the materials together to create an extremely tight bond.
  • Part cooling is performed robotically by air fans and blowers or by circulating water through channels or pipes in contact with parts.
  • Drilling and milling tight tolerance holes are used to program robots, meaning complex operations are done precisely and efficiently with both metals and plastics.
  • Compression limiter installation, which accurately installs devices that provide secure and reliable connections between components, preventing over-compression and ensuring proper load distribution.
  • Automated processes are employed for battery box installation to guarantee precise, consistent, and swift placement, ensuring proper alignment and secureness. These measures are crucial for maintaining vehicle safety and performance.
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