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Drilling Down
 On Drill Rods

Reko’s advanced technologies and robotic systems increase productivity and save costs by being consistently precise, reducing downtime and creating safer workplaces.

Drill Rod Handling &

Reko’s robotic overhauls optimize production processes, reduce labour costs, improve product quality and enhance flexibility and responsiveness to market demands. Manufacturers can achieve higher efficiency, reliability and competitiveness by leveraging advanced technologies and data-driven insights.
Coming soon: Automated drilling solutions for the Mining industry
Drill Rod Handling & Assembly
Lifting the Load, Lowering the Risk

Lifting the Load,
Lowering the Risk

We’ve also done the heavy lifting when it comes to increased safety. In partnership with Drillware, Reko is developing an automated rod handling solution for the drilling industry. The innovation will eliminate manual rod handling, ensuring a safer workplace while enhancing efficiency. With user-friendly controls accessible to all, this solution diversifies the workforce and minimizes the risk of repetitive strain injuries. We anticipate widespread adoption in mining operations prioritizing employee well-being.
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