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Experience remarkable productivity gains of up to 5 times with Reko’s custom automation solutions.

Custom Automation

Automation is crucial for flexibility and efficiency in industries with fluctuating demands. Reko combines flexible and programmable automation with dynamic fixturing to maximize uptime and ROI. 
Each automation category provides distinct levels of control and adaptability:
  • Fixed Automation: Efficiently handles repetitive tasks in high-volume processes but lacks flexibility for frequent changes.
  • Programmable Automation: Allows customization through programmed sequences, suitable for batch productions despite being slower and costlier.
  • Flexible Automation: Offers unparalleled adaptability, seamlessly adjusting to diverse instructions without downtime, ideal for personalized products despite higher per-unit costs.

Our diverse areas of expertise, from structural steel to 3D assembly, ensure comprehensive solutions tailored to your project needs.

  • 2D and 3D assembly (structural steel, light gauge steel, engineered wood)
  • Framing, insulating, and sheathing
  • Routing, milling, and material processing (cutting, milling, routing)
  • All joining technology (welding, gluing, screwing, nailing, etc.)
  • Volumetric assembly, manufacture assists, and conveyance
  • Kitting, quality assurance, and process optimization
  • Inventory management / automatic storage and retrieval

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Automation Potential

Unsure where to begin? Reach out to Reko for a complimentary consultation. Fill out our questionnaire to discover your personalized automation roadmap. Our engineering engagements are custom-tailored to meet your unique requirements, offering conceptualization, simulations, estimated cycle times, and ROI analysis. Say goodbye to guesswork—trust in our data-driven approach for simplified justification.
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